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Beauty Angel

Are you a woman not easily aroused sexually? Problems getting moist or enjoying regular orgasms? Desire a fulfilling love-life with ALL the advantages?
Beauty Angel, the sexual enhancer chewing tablet for women, will help you to achieve your sexual goals and dreams. Watch your sexual sensitivity increase to the extent that you don’t understand what is happening to you. Every touch will bring you one step closer to your wildest dreams. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a little fun.

20 bubblegums per pack

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* Our bulk purchase discounts are calculated by dividing the minimum quantity for an order by the number of items. This gives you the highest unit price which you then multiply by the number of items. For example: 4 Viagra Original cost 69.90 Euros, consequently the price of one Viagra Original pill is 17.475. If you order 8 Viagra pills the price would be 139.80 Euro, but you pay only 129.90 Euro.

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Molly (21) from Exeter

Sex means a lot to me. Therefore, I do not want to have only one partner by no means, at least not yet. It is important for me to alternate in bed and fortunately I can "choose" men. I actually never get turned down. In order to increase my sexual performance I sometimes took Beauty Angel - a sex-chewing gum for women that really promised very good results in its description. What can I say? After taking Beauty Angel I definitely felt more aroused than normal. Every touch was a dream. I could not think clearly any more. Moreover, Beauty Angel immediately gave me several orgasms. First, I thought that it was my partner because he was really good but then I noticed that Beauty Angel is actually always reliable. Every time I have sex, it is amazing; always something new and unforgettable.

May (37) from Barrow

I recently read various stuff about sex on the Internet and so I knew about Beauty Angel, the orgasm-chewing gum for the woman. I decided to order it immediately in your shop and tried it out directly when it arrived without saying anything to my partner. But the first time I noticed no effect at all - probably due to the fact that I did not chew Beauty Angel for long enough. The instructions said 8 minutes but I chewed it intensively for about five minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by its agreeable orange flavour and did not want to give it up immediately so I tried it another time before having sex. This time however I chewed Beauty Angel for 10 minutes. After 20 minutes I noticed that I became very hot. I was also extremely aroused. My partner did not know what was happening to him as I suddenly jumped all over him. However, he seemed very pleased and we did it like we never did before. I would not have thought that a single piece of chewing gum could give you so much fun. Having three orgasms in a row are pretty good going for a lady of my age.

Caroline (25) from Berwick

Recently, in my favourite bar I got to know a very attractive guy who I liked immediately. Admittedly, I immediately wondered what it would be like to have sex with him. I thought that it would be wonderful even if he was only as partially good in bed as he was good looking. We did not waste any time and went to his car - a station wagon, very practical. He put a piece of chewing gum into my hand and said that it would work miracles. I read "Angel Beauty" and took it. It had a delicious orange flavour. A little time after taking it, when we were already doing it, I suddenly got more aroused. To be honest, I am generally very aroused and moist, but this time it was simply unbelievable. I hoped that he would touch me again and again because at every touch I went virtually out of my mind. Having sex was simply great. Just the fact of doing it in a car was also really fantastic because I had never done it before but I will probably never forget what happened. In the meantime, I have taken Beauty Angel other times.

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