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Wild strawberry fragrance gel

Do you feel pain during sex, or are you willing to try out new things? If so, you really need our gel with wild strawberry fragrance. Therefore, order it now and gain inspiration from the agreeable wild strawberry scent.
You do not need to experience pain; just new sexual adventures. Do not let the chance slip by to enjoy both lust and love.

pack with 50ml gel

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customers feedback

Gary (25) from Taunton

My girlfriend is a year younger than me. She is completely mad in bed when she can have my penis and a dildo at the same time. She just can't get enough, which really gets me going. For that reason she should also have her fun with the dildo of course. Up to now we have always used a simple gel. Recently I ordered gel with wild strawberry fragrance and used it the next time without warning her in advance. She immediately noticed that it was a new gel. The fragrance seemed to really turn her on and I too found it clearly more pleasant than all the gels used before. The dildo easily slipped in and out. Afterwards she liked the business with the dildo so much, thanks to the new gel, that I now brought my nimble fingers into play, also with the new gel. This massage seemed to please her too. So I did everything properly with the choice and ordering. We must order the gel with the wild strawberry fragrance again without fail.

Janet (30) from Rotherham

While browsing in your shop I came upon gel with wild strawberry fragrance As I very much like playing undisturbed with my vibrator, something like that is always especially good. I also have a lot of sex of course but I can really not get enough, so a vibrator can never be a bad thing. I ordered the gel because the thought of the fragrance made me think of good things. When the package arrived I could hardly wait and had to bring out my little pink friend. Normally I’m damp enough even without gel, but I find the feeling just fabulous when it’s on my vibrator. The fragrance nearly knocked me over. Very pleasant, refreshing and really exciting. I ordered a further supply straight away because gel doesn't last very long with me.

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