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Super Lover

Increase your potency without attracting attention? Achieve satisfactory sex as naturally as possible? Why should this represent a problem?
Thanks to Super Lover - the sexual enhancing chewing gum for men – you can achieve satisfactory erections quite naturally because Super Lover is made solely from vegetable ingredients. Taking Super Lover with its agreeable peppermint flavour is also discreet; who expects chewing gum to be a sexual enhancer?

20 bubblegums per pack

from € 49,90
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Kamagra 100mg

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  1 pack €  49,90 - order
  2 pack €  99,80*   89,80 €   10,00 order
  3 pack 149,70* 119,70 €   30,00 order

* Our bulk purchase discounts are calculated by dividing the minimum quantity for an order by the number of items. This gives you the highest unit price which you then multiply by the number of items. For example: 4 Viagra Original cost 69.90 Euros, consequently the price of one Viagra Original pill is 17.475. If you order 8 Viagra pills the price would be 139.80 Euro, but you pay only 129.90 Euro.

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customers feedback

Abigail (25) from Peterborough

My boyfriend and I are mad about adventures in bed. We just try everything in order to improve our sex life. Furthermore, we also took one sexual enhancer or another to test its effect on us. My boyfriend took Super Lover Chewing Gum. After 30 minutes he was totally aroused and couldn’t keep his fingers off me. His penis showed no change contrary to what usually happens, but my boyfriend said afterwards that he was far more aroused than usual because of Super Lover. Every time I even slightly touched his prick caused an explosion in him. At least that’s what I thought. I was delighted and might have almost made him angry by continuing to touch his penis. He said that for the whole time he had the sensation that he was going to come immediately. As it was, he lasted a long while until he came. Super Lover is a very exciting story.

Eric (29) from Wiltshire

A mate of mine told me recently that he had ordered Super Lover from you and that the chewing gum was great. He said that sex with it became much better. That made me so curious that I decided to order Super Lover too. A few evenings later I met a nice girl and of course succeeded in going off with her. We ended up at her house and it wasn’t long before we got down to business. I had taken the chewing gum before, of course. The erection I had that evening was extreme. I felt that my penis was distinctly harder than usual. When the girl touched my penis, I didn’t know what was happening. I could have gone mad, it made me feel so good. My arousal completely turned her on. She was wild and did the greatest things too It was unimaginable what Super Lover did to me. I came like never before and wanted to carry on. The demand was so great. Moreover, I’ve been with the girl since that evening, for apart from adventures in bed, she is also exactly the sort of woman that I have always looked for.

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